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We have helped many Ipswich families celebrate the life and loss of their loved ones. For nearly half a century our funeral services have continued to remain compassionate, professional, and understanding.

a beautiful Australian native flower arrangement and sympathy flowers for a funeral service

Making memories since 1979

What Type of Funeral Service?

The decision on the type of funeral service to choose is often influenced by family traditions and preferences, as well as the wishes of the deceased. You may opt for a service at a church followed by a cortege to the cemetery or crematorium for the final committal. Alternatively, you may prefer to hold the entire service at the church, crematorium chapel, or graveside. A private committal for family members only at the cemetery or crematorium is also an option you can consider.

There is no set formula for a funeral service, and Len Russell Funerals provides a modern funeral chapel that can seat up to 80-100 people for your convenience. The chapel is suitable for burial, cremation, or memorial services, and you have the flexibility to hold the entire service in the chapel or choose to have a committal service at the cemetery or crematorium after the chapel service.

View from above of a green cemetery full of lush Australian trees in Ipswich

professional floral arrangements


Flowers can play a significant role in funerals, reflecting the unique personality of the deceased. Len Russell Funerals offers professional floral arrangement services and can assist you in selecting flowers for the funeral. You may choose to place flower arrangements on the coffin at the church, crematorium, or graveside as a final tribute, or scatter flower petals into the grave.

modern Australian native flower arrangement for funeral service in Ipswich

balloon & butterfly release

Balloons / Butterflies

Releasing a balloon or butterfly can be a meaningful tribute during a funeral service. It can represent letting go of a loved one's earthly life and sending them on their journey. This can be particularly comforting for children. At Len Russell Funerals, we can assist you in arranging this tribute if it is something you wish to include in the service.

Len Russell Funeral Directors were very professional, very courteous and went above and beyond to ensure my family were taken care of

- Kelleigh Wallace

Additional extras

Although this isn't an exhaustive list, families often like to add extra personal touches to the funeral ceremony. If you have something else in mind please let us know. Each of these optional extras can be added to a funeral service to create a more personalised and meaningful tribute to the deceased.


Personalised Music

To help personalise a funeral service you may choose to add a favourite piece of music to be played. Perhaps a singer for the funeral service may help also.


Memorial Books

As an additional help to making a memorable funeral, you may choose to have a Memorial Book for the funeral. This book contains all the details of the funeral and the names of who attended.


Dove release

This symbolic gesture involves releasing a graceful white dove into the sky, symbolising the peaceful transition of the departed soul.


Personalised coffin or urn

We have a number personalised funeral services for coffins and urns to add that extra unique touch. For example, we can print a design onto the coffin such as a rainforest, flowers, or ocean waves.



If you pick a memorial service in our chapel we can also organise catering for you. This is provided by a 3rd party supplier who will provide catering refreshments for all of your guests.


Online Obituary

As a complimentary service, we publish an online obituary on social media with details about the funeral and the deceased. We encourage you to share it with family and friends to make sure that it reaches the appropriate people.

Friendly feedback from our visitors

We as a family cannot recommend Darren and his team more highly. They were exceptional, both in the manner in which they assisted us during this devastating time but also in the way they put the service together with St Paul's. Highly recommend.

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The team at Len Russell Funerals were incredibly professional and helpful. They worked hard to create a perfect memorial for my wife, and connect us with a video service who helped our distant family members be present.

Source : Google

Len Russell Funeral Directors were very professional, very courteous and went over and beyond to ensure my family were taken care of. They made the process very stress free and made sure the funeral was very sentimental in every way. Could not recommend highly enough.

Source : Google

My parents now feel a sense of relief that something so confronting was handled with such expertise and care. Our family is very appreciative of the service that Len Russell Funerals has given us to face the inevitable in years to come with clarity. Thank you Darren.

Source : Google

Darren's quiet demeanour and genuine care for his client is quite obvious. I have every confidence that when my time comes I will be in very good hands.  

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During a time of extreme sadness and loss, my family and I are eternally grateful for the compassion, organisation and thoughtfulness of Darren and his team at Len Russell Funerals in preparing the final journey of our beloved sister Marissa. Thank Darren & team for treating and caring for our family as if they were one of your own!

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The unfortunate process of arranging my mother's funeral and cremation was made stress free and simple due to the great services received by staff. We were able to organise everything in one meeting that suited all our needs so we could focus on other aspects, organising family from out of area etc. Highly Recommended by the Brighton Family of Yamanto.

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We as a family cannot recommend Darren and his team more highly.  They were exceptional, both in the manner in which they assisted us during this devastating time but also in the way they put the service together with St Paul's.  Highly recommend.

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We have been very impressed with the personal and considerate nature of Len Russell Funerals. It's a true testament to their experience and probably why they're still the longest run family owned funeral home in Ipswich. Thankyou!!!

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