Grief & Mental Health Support In Ipswich

Grief & Mental Health Support In Ipswich

The profound loss of someone deeply cherished undoubtedly takes an emotional toll. Grief can manifest itself through many difficult emotions - overwhelming sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety and even physical pain. During the bereavement process, it's completely normal to experience mental health challenges as you cope with this major life transition.

However, you don't have to face this heavy burden alone. As a caring member of the Ipswich community, we want to provide a compassionate guide to the various local professional services, support groups, counsellors and organisations available to help you and your family work through the grieving process in a healthy, supported way.

Grief Counselling Services in Ipswich

One-on-one counselling sessions with qualified grief therapists can be incredibly beneficial for processing complex emotions, developing coping mechanisms and receiving empathetic care tailored to your personal needs during this painful time. A few professional services in Ipswich include:

Ipswich Hospice Care: Offering specialised bereavement counselling programs and support groups out of Raceview and surrounding areas. Ph: (07) 38120063

Mates Grief Support Ipswich: With a focus on bereaved men's mental health, they provide free individual and group counselling. Ph: (07) 38333537

Anglicare SQ Ipswich: Provides affordable counsellors and support staff to assist with loss and trauma. Ph: (07) 38123180

Mental Health Support Groups & Helplines

Sharing experiences, advice and empathy with others on a similar grief journey through a community support group can be an invaluable healing resource:

  • GriefLine Community & Family Services: Operates monthly bereaved spouses and parents support groups in Ipswich. Ph: 1300 845 353
  • The Compassionate Friends Ipswich: Peer support groups for bereaved parents who have lost children. Ph: (07) 3254 1818

Around the clock helplines staffed with crisis counsellors are always available:

  • Lifeline: 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services. Ph: 13 11 14
  • MensLine Australia: Supporting bereaved men through loss and mental health. Ph: 1300 78 99 78
  • Ipswich Community Mental Health: Acute local mental health care. Ph: (07) 3817 6100

End of Life Planning Education

To assist families in navigating practical and emotional considerations surrounding end of life care planning, sessions are provided by organisations like:

  • Ipswich Palliative Care: Offers monthly group workshops on making bereavement plans, understanding the grieving process, and self-care during illness. Ph: (07) 3810 8144
  • Cittamani Hospice Service: Education sessions for caregivers supporting the terminally ill and bereaved. Ph: (07) 3812 0089

You don't have to go through the overwhelming stages of grief alone. Our compassionate staff are always available to listen, support or guide you in taking those first steps to find healing through the various specialised bereavement care services available right here in Ipswich during this incredibly difficult time.

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